Welcome to Spain !

Are you looking for quality guide with a personal attitude? You've come to the right place !! I have been living and breathing Spain for about ten years. I followed the glorious Sephardic Jewry of Maimonides, Shmuel HaNagid and Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi. How do Jews live in a majority Christian state?

I will tell you about the culture, the Spanish pace of life, the tastes, the stories about the locals and other surprises. There is added value in a guided tour by a mentor from the soul that leaves the taste of more … because you will easily reach the sites, explanations and information you will receive during the tour will make your visit enjoyable and fascinating, even after the guided tour while walking on your own.

The tours are offered to couples, families, and groups, built according to theme, according to the profile and needs of the visitors, and in a way that remains free after the tour … for shopping, playing in Santago Bernabeu 🙂

In the tours you will enjoy hearing about the Jewish heritage of Spain in the past and present. You will feel the connection between the Jewish people and Spain as a hug between the glorious Jewish past and modern Spain. You will really fall in love with the Spanish capital and get excited about my visit to Toledo.

If you have not watched the video of Dorit Reznik, Director-General of Yad Vashem, on the exciting experience of visiting Toledo in February 2018, you are invited to watch 🙂

Join us to discover Jerusalem that was in Spain

The Toledo visit was designed especially for the Diaspora Jewry and it focuses on the important and unique Jewish quarter of the city that we affectionately call "Jerusalem that was in Spain". The city is recognized as a world heritage heritage site. We will walk through its beautiful alleyways, hear about the heroes of Jewish culture who were active during the Golden Age, Jewish-Christian relations, Jewish kings and nobles, loves, local urban legends, before and after the expulsion order came into effect in 1492.

The highlight of the visit is the El Transito Synagogue, which has become a national museum in Spain. In the synagogue we will be able to see from close up the splendor of the magnificent Jewish art of the Jews of Spain. Toledo is about an hour's drive from Madrid and the visit is highly recommended to any Israeli who comes to Madrid because the tour leaves an exciting experience.

If you are interested, please call us + 34 600 873 268 or by e-mail jaguit.dori@ketersefaradtours.com to schedule a tour.

"The tour to Toledo moves me every time anew – to tell our Jewish past." See what the travelers who walked beside me say in the alleys of Toledo:

Dorit Novak, General Director of "Yad Vashem" Institute:
"Because what the stones tell the hability to complete the words .. For everyone I love, I would be happy if he makes such a visit and enjoys the same experience"

"After an exciting experience of visiting Toledo, and part of the excitement is what the city of Toledo has to offer the visitor, an inseparable part, this is the wonderful way that I was led by Jaguit it was a special experience because what the stones do not tell you is the ability to complete words. The demonstration, the deep acquaintance, the great love for Sephardic culture and Jewish culture, and the connection between them, is something that will not pass, it moves from you in a very touching and moving way, and makes the experience a lot more meaningful.

Eli Raz, Jerusalem

  "It was very instructive to be with you on a trip to Toledo except for the beauty of Toledo. Your review of the place and of Spain in general was wonderful, full of descriptions of events and places in the history of Spain and the life of the Jews in the Empire. Your verbal ability is excellent and vibrant. You represent the State of Israel with great respect and you have been given additional positions in the service of the State of Israel. Thank you very much for everything Ruta and Eli Raz.

Tami Kimhi

"The trip to Toledo was amazing and exciting."


"After visiting the city… I just fell in love"

"I fell in love with Madrid," travelers tell me when they are separated … The capital of Spain is a fascinating and vibrant city day and night. In the center of Madrid live about 3.5 million people. The Spanish buildings, the Spanish balconies, the royal palace, the squares, the special neighborhoods, the Spanish government centers, the tapas and the gastronomic menu are rich in flavors and aromas of cuisine from all regions of Spain. In Madrid there are about 60 museums and a real celebration for art lovers. All these are the fabric of a city with classic beauty and plenty to offer to anyone who comes.

"Meet Madrid and the Forgotten Jewish Past" 

A walking tour of the old and modern city of central Madrid (4 hours). We´ll begin the tour at the famous Plaza (=square) de España, Debod Temple, and panoramic view towards the Royal Place, Plaza de Oriente, la Plaza de la Villa (the oldest square in Madrid), San Miguel Tapas market, Plaza Mayor and la Plaza del Sol.

"Madrid Charm" VIP tour

Exciting panoramic tour with a car around important sites, we'll stop at significant points to take pictures. Plaza de Ventas, Puerta de Alcala, Prado avenue, Rail tren Atocha, Gran Vía Bolívar, ending panoramic tour at Plaza España. Afterwards, the walking tour begins In the old & modern city. Total 6 hours.

Prado museum visit

We will visit the Prado museum and enjoy the fabulous art pieces of the most important Spanish artists: El Greco, Francisco Goya, Diego Velazquez, Pedro Rubens. (1.5 – 2 hours).

Last thing… about me 🙂

Since I was 16 years old I knew I would live in Spain. How or when ? Was not an issue. So I had been living and breathing Spain for several decades. At the age of 35, I went to study for a master's degree in Hebrew and all that was possible for the Jews of Spain and Portugal. I graduated with honours and won an EU scholarship for studies in Spain. Since than, I lived in different regions: Galicia, Porto, Portugal, Andalusia, and the last three years in Madrid.

I taught in a course I wrote at the National Distance University of Spain (UNED) on the culture and history of the Jews of Spain and Portugal. The course was broadcasted in Spain, Europe and all Latin American countries. Flamenco is my pill of happiness lies deep in my heart and in my soul. I am a student at the famous “Casa Patas” flamenco club conservatorium.

Relevant Education:
MA in Anthropology and Comparative Jewish Folklore, specializing in culture and history of Sephardic in Spain and in Portuguese Jewry. Thesis: the secret Jewish practice in Spain and Portugal from the 14th to 20th centuries, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

* Full scholarship from the European Union in Complutense University in Madrid.
* Tour guide certificated for families and groups in west Europe. Specialist in art and culture.

Translation of the post above from my facebook, March 2017:
"Three-thirty in the morning and I can not sleep. Today we were in Avila. Here, right at the gate in the pictures, the Jews of Avila were deported to Portogal, forced to leave all their lives behind. In order to continue living as Jews. This place breaks my heart and still hurts. I really felt the pain of parting. I had tears in my eyes. Maybe that's why I can not sleep. Important part of my studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and my research work, I followed the Jews who were exiled from Spain to Portugal until the twentieth century. In the present, within three hours I am getting up to guide a group of North American Jews and to express  the voice of Sephardic Jewry, in the same Jerusalem that was in Spain – our Toledo !"

Hobby or better to say: my happiness pill !